Hotel Maritimo

Biokovo, Makarska, View

One day excursions of the surrounding area


Hotel Maritimo can help you find some excursions of the surrounding area with expert guides.

Join panoramic tour of the Biokovo mountain to discover its natural beauty, including its highest peak Sv. Jure (1762m). At first sight, Mount Biokovo might seem to be a barren landscape, but it is actually very rich in unique plant life and numerous animal species. You will see olive trees with their picturesque trunks, small cultivated plots of land which make up unique landscape and a spectacular view of the sea and the islands along the coastline. Slow walking with expert guide is suitable for all ages. With this half day excursion you will be able to meet a new world of Mediterranean beauty, interesting history and unforgettable tradition.


A scenic half-day trip to the countryside of Dalmatia, through the village of Zadvarje and Zagvozd. Discover the beauty of natural phenomena, Red and Blue Lake and the old part of Imotski. While driving through the beautiful vineyards of Imotski field, enjoy the unforgettable sights of this region the Green Cathedral and a wonderful historic mill on the river Vrljika. Inhabitants of Imotski are very friendly and hospitable people. Visit an old cottage with a beautiful wine cellar an ideal setting to enjoy a glass of wine. Wine tasting is specific for this region with snacks of local specialties.


And, for all adventurists and nature-lovers, in the heart of Makarska Riviera, in Tučepi, there is zip-line. This new type of entertainment is well-known around the world as sliding down the steel cables. Here participants slide down the cables on their own, but accompanied by expert guides. Six steel cables stretch across the canyon in Tučepi, each varying in lenght and speed, and each giving a spectacular view of the coast and the islands.


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